My American Dream

For my 21st birthday, I really wasn’t expecting much. Maybe a couple of flowers and a bit of money. I am a December baby after all.. combined birthday/christmas presents are the norm. But this birthday Mum and Dad went all out.. surprise return tickets to… ‘WHERE EVER YOUR HEART DESIRES’

Ever since I was 16, I have dreamt about what America might look like. My best friend Talia Richman, has been living and working in NYC since 2013, and I have never been brave enough to slash myΒ savings to go and experience the wonder of the USA. But having flights bought for me, I really had no more excuses! Plus now I could go to Vegas πŸ˜‰

What made me choose America? The glitz and the glam! The lifestyle of my friend Talia in NYC. The makeup stores stocked up with all the brands we don’t have back home here in Australia. Plus, I was planning on a May trip, which is prime weather in America.

Unfortunately for me the prospect of travelling solo became true. This quickly turned into excitement as I realised I could plan my holiday the way I wanted to… without having to please anybody else. Plus I just never knew who could be on the other side of the world for me to meet.

I decided if I was going to go all that way, I really wanted it to be epic. West coast, South, East, I wanted to do and see it all.

I picked two tours to do with a tour company popular in Australia called ‘Topdeck’. I picked ‘California Calling’ and ‘School of Rock’ Β which I will write about in due course.

All my flights and tours are booked… now just 146 days to count down to..

The day did arrive, much to my disbelief. I was up at 2am finishing off my assignment, so it wasn’t until i was sitting on the plane, breathing in the same air as a completely booked out flight, that it felt real.

The outline of my trip went like this:

Day 1 -3: Los Angeles (Solo)

Day 4-5: Las Vegas (Tour)

Day 6: Grand Canyon (Tour)

Day 7: Mariposa (Tour)

Day 8: Yosemite National Park (Tour)

Day 9: Napa Valley (Tour)

Day 10: San Fran (Tour)

Day 11: San Fran (Solo)

Day 12: San Fran to St Louis Opipos (Friends)

Day 13: St Louis Opispos to LA

Day 14: LA (Solo)

Day 15: LA (Solo)

Day 16: LA (Solo)

Day 17: LA –> San Fran –> NYC (Solo)

Day 18-28: NYC (With friend)

Day 29: Washington DC (Tour)

Day 30: Washington DC (Tour)

Day 31: Cleveland (Tour)

Day 32: Chicago (Tour)

Day 33: Chicago (Tour)

Day 34: Nashville (Tour)

Day 35: Nashville (Tour)

Day 36: Memphis (Tour)

Day 37: New Orleans (Tour)

Day 38: New Orleans (Solo)

Day 39: New Orleans (Solo)

Day 40: Air travel home

As you can see I covered a large percentage of America. In fact, I think I have seen more then the average American.

I had the time of my life in America, and encourage everyone to get out their and see it for themselves. I can’t wait to share more of my experiences.


Love and light,

Liv xx

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