10 reasons why I believe the west coast is the best coast of the USA

  1. The accent is much more enjoyable to listen to
  2. It sounds cliche, but the weather is far less humid, cold and hot then its east coast counterparts. But be prepared for the fog!

    Me with Alcatraz in the background on a foggy Winter’s morning in San Fran
  3. San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Seattle, Portland all in one package
  4. The road trip potentials – scenic route 1, or route 101 if you want to save time are my two favourites. But you must also tick of route 66.

    My sick ride down Route 101
  5. The food!!! California is capital city of nuts and everything fruit and veggie related. If you plan on road tripping, expect lots of stops at little organic farms
  6. Quick weekend away at Sin City… um yes pls. Accommodation in Las Vegas is actually relatively cheap. Admittedly, the East coast does have Boston and NYC as good escapes.

    The iconic Vegas Sign
  7. Six Flags Magic Mountain – the best rollercoaster theme park I have ever been to. 18 rollercoasters that are just pure thrill. I can’t wait to write a post on this.
  8. Hiking potentials – Washington state, Yosemite and Grand Canyon! I’m sure there is a heck of a lot moreΒ as well

    Yosemite National Park
  9. The cali palms and beaches- need I say more
Echo Park, LA
Santa Monica, LA

10. The lifestyle is far more relaxed and suburban

Me with my mate Bugs at Burbank


So yes, although the LA traffic sucks and In-N-Out isn’t as good as Shack Shake (controversy)… I couldn’t think of any other reason not to love the west coast. And I’m saying this as foreigner.

In fact if you love the West Coast as much as me, and Chris Brown.. check out his song West Side, it makes for a great theme song πŸ˜‰

I can’t wait to return…

Liv xx


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