I am an ESFP personality!

My first post of something unrelated to travel.. had to happen. But if I’m honest it was travel that got me thinking..

What makes me tick? What type of people do I like hanging around? What do other people see in me? What attributes describe me?

Travelling makes you grow as a person. Especially if you travel solo, like I did. Travelling made me realise that I am an outgoing, spontaneous person.

The question that really got me thinking was, I wonder if being a Physiotherapist, is suited to my personality type?  For the last few years, I haven’t felt passionate towards Physio. Mostly because I have lost faith in the medical world (which i will write about), don’t have the emotional capacity for rehab side of Physio, and because I have a strong leadership side of me that wants to itch the business itch. So I searched online for a personality test to see whether Physio was really meant for me based on my personality.

I stumbled across the following website for all of the answers to my burning questions… https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types

Turns out I’m an ESFP – extroverted, sensing, feeling, perception….

ESFP – ‘The Entertainer’

“If anyone is to be found spontaneously breaking into song and dance, it is the ESFP personality type. ESFPs get caught up in the excitement of the moment, and want everyone else to feel that way, too”

Anyone who knows me knows that this is 100% true. Just look at the post photo!

Words (postive and negative) to describe ESFP personalites include:

  1. Bold
  2. Original
  3. Aesthetics and Showmanship
  4. Practical
  5. Observant
  6. Excellent People Skills
  7. Sensitive
  8. Conflict-Averse: i.e. we run for the hills when conflict arises
  9. Easily Bored
  10. Poor Long Term Planners – we enjoy living life in the moment

Career wise…

ESFPs’ loathing for schedules, structures, and repetition, and nine-to-five administrative work is quickly sent to the “nope” bin.

This is 100% me..

ESFPs make brilliant medical professionals, especially as EMTs, paramedics, and nurses.

So Physiotherapy is suited to my personality type… interesting indeed!!

I love Physiotherapy. It really is such a great profession. The problem is that I could see myself doing anything my heart desires. But I’m just not sure what this is, and I’m only 21, so plenty of time to decide. In an ideal world.. I would be paid to travel and show people around the world. One can dream… But for now I’m blessed that I work in an industry that makes a difference to the quality of life of many.

Try the test out for yourself, I think you’ll be surprised how accurate it is. It might just help you out with your career path too..

Liv xx

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