How America surprised me in 7 ways!

As an Aussie I have grown up having an idea of America, through what I have watched on television shows and movies. Aussies and Americans aren’t too disimilar. We live a fairly similar way of life. But it wasn’t until I spent 6 weeks in America that I realised that our cultures are waaaayy different.

The 7Β biggest culture shocks were:

  1. Americans are so forward – if they like what you are wearing they will tell you. If they think you have gorgeous eyes, they will tell you.
  2. Far more patriotic – American flags everywhere!!
  3. The gap in the toilet cubicles are ridiculous – you might as well leave the door open!
  4. American’s live to work, Australians work to live
  5. Freedom is everything and you work hard for your merits
  6. Music – new and upcoming artists, hip hop, you name it! Aussie music is not keeping up with the times!
  7. Car scene – SUV ins NYC vs everything and anything in LA

I can’t wait to learn more about America, perhaps next year?

What are your thoughts?

Love and light,

Liv xx

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