As of December 2nd 2016, I am now a fully qualified…. PHYSIOTHERAPIST!! 


I remember sitting in Grade 10 career counselling, staring at booklets filled with  potential careers, degrees and pathways I could travel down. At a tender age of fifteen, how was I to know what my calling in life was without knowing anything outside of school? I decided Physiotherapy might be something worth having a crack at since I was so prone to injuries, and passionate about being healthy and fit. So I nominated Physiotherapy as my number 1 preference, and Nutrition Sciences as my number 2 preference (EWWW! so glad i didn’t pursue this)

January 2013 came around and I was selected to participate in a Bachelor Degree of Physiotherapy beginning February 2013!!!! Now just 4 more years of countless exams, assignments, sleepless nights and empty bank accounts.

The past 4 years have challenged me in more ways then one. Physiotherapy might as well be a dual degree… having to learn both theory and practical components. Not to mention the vast areas of disciplines under the profession. Here are just some of the things I learn’t from my $30,000 something uni degree..

  1. The friends that I have made will be life long as we have similar interests, goals and aspirations in life
  2. How to drink coffee – how else can i cram for 4 exams in the space of 5 days?
  3. How to sleep in – because lectures are online nowadays
  4. How to save, because $5 coffees add up when you’re only working 10hours a week
  5. That I needed a gap year… because university is definitely harder than school

I can’t wait to see where the next 4 years take me. As for the immediate future, I have scored myself a graduate position in the hospital for the next 12 months. IN MY DREAM JOB. After then, I’m looking forward to the uncertainty of where my life will be heading.

It was hard. It was exhausting. It was not worth it at times. But as of now, I hold a very powerful certificate in my hand to positively change the quality of life of the patients that I will encounter on my journey.


Below is a video of my trip to Melbourne for my graduation for your enjoyment

Love Olivia xx

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